The Youth into Businesses training course took place between January 20-25, 2020 in Târgu-Jiu, Romania, with the participation of 21 youth workers from Romania, Italy, Armenia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Georgia and Spain.

The project aimed to train 21 youth workers to develop their skills and knowledge to support entrepreneurship among young people.


The main activities of the project:

Barriers to entrepreneurship:

  • Identifying brainstorming barriers to entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship – program design:

  • Developing the knowledge and skills of participants in developing an assessment of levels of intervention in an entrepreneurship education program

Levels of intervention: business skills curriculum:

  • Identify the skills needed to start a business
  • Sharing experiences and practices in youth training programs in the field of entrepreneurship education / starting a business

Training for the development of life skills:

  • Development of participants’ knowledge and skills in identifying the needs of young people
  • To be able to propose interventions aimed at addressing the lack of certain skills

Learning by doing:

  • Developing an understanding of the importance of learning by doing in the field of entrepreneurship

Access to financing:

  • Developing participants’ knowledge of the variety of financing options that can be accessed by young entrepreneurs
  • Identify best practices and highlight positive results that can be adopted by others in the local context

Involvement of other institutions:

  • Developing participants’ awareness of seeking additional support for the implementation of an entrepreneurship program

Follow-up services:

  • Develop participants’ knowledge of how they can support young people after completing the program

Writing the content of an entrepreneurship program:

  • Increasing the share of international experiences and practices by developing a joint learning program
  • Increasing the operational capacities of youth workers in identifying disadvantaged people by developing a common life skills training program.
  • Encourage the operational capacities of youth workers in planning and implementing “learning by doing” for disadvantaged young people.